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Fiscal responsibility has always been a top priority for Norwich Township. Since 1989, there have only been 3 fire levies in Norwich Township for taxpayers to consider. Our last levy, passed in 2013, was projected to provide funding for seven years. We are now entering year 11 and have far exceeded that projection due to the mindfulness of elected officials and staff members remaining fiscally responsible with taxpayer money.

Since 1989, Norwich Township has asked voters for three fire levies, further evidence of our commitment to managing resources efficiently and ensuring that taxpayer funds are used judiciously.

How Does This Affect My Business? 

  • Failure of this levy could result in a decreased ISO rating, causing insurance rates to rise on business and property owners. Achieving an ISO Class 1 rating is a significant accomplishment for the community. This rating is used by insurance companies to set insurance rates for owners. Norwich Township is proud to be rated in the top 1% of fire departments across the nation.
  • Failure means a decrease in response times and resources available, resulting in higher dollar loss during fires.

Come together with other Hilliard businesses to endorse this crucial levy, maintaining the community's dedication to safeguarding the safety and welfare of its residents.

For more levy information and frequently asked questions, click here.



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