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Your Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce Membership entitles you to many benefits, including access to a health insurance plan that offers patient choice and lower health-care costs.

By being a part of a larger self-funded pool, employers have financial protection, lower administrative costs and—for companies who qualify—lower prices for their employer-sponsored group health plan that:

  • Contain robust PPO Networks which include Children’s Hospital, OSU, Ohio Health and Mt. Carmel.
  • Cover all preexisting conditions,
  • Are tax deductible to the business,
  • Are an important step in attracting and retaining top talent
  • Can begin on the First of ANY Month
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How Does Your Chamber Do This?

The Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce Association Health Plan is designed specifically for small business owners and their employees. The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) has teamed up with Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield* to create a new health plan program that can lead to more rate stability - and it could offer potential savings for groups of two to 50 employees. This self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) lets small employers join together to share in the overall claims risk.

For more information:

Anthem Chamber Saver Plan

Join Soca or 844 Med Ohio

* Plan oversight provided by the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) and backed by Anthem BCBS stop loss coverage.

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Health Care Resources

Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce cares about you and your family and is home to a variety of healthcare professionals who are ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Browse this section to find specialized clinics and offices, primary care physicians, area hospitals and more to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle!

With a wide array of facilities and healthcare providers that are ready to meet your needs, the Hilliard Area Chamber Of Commerce offers quality and convenient medical care helping to maintain a happy and healthy community.

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